Tinder vs. Badoo: What’s The BEST Dating App?

I am single. Since a little bit. Yet I am neither ugly to watch nor flat to listen to. And I swear, I tried everything: the friend of a friend of a friend, bars, speed dating, sports activities, neighborhood gatherings, paid and free dating sites … But it does not matter. did not work. So I pretended not to seek, trusting to the council a thousand times heard: “It is when we stop looking that we finally find. Result?

Completely desperate, I passed on the verge of giving up, when a friend told me about Tinder en ligne and Badoo dating apps. So I tested both. My verdict? I hated Tinder and loved Badoo.


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The best dating apps to use right now on mobile and tablet

Everything really started for the mobile dating application market in 2012 with the famous Tinder. Since then, the different application stores that are the App Store or Google Play, have a multitude of applications giving the opportunity to meet the gem, or have fun simply. The time of the simple dating website is over. Now, with mobile dating apps, flirting is more straightforward. It turns out to be a lot more fun and cool than in the past. That’s why in 2017 apps such as Tinder, Lovoo or Zoosk abound in the various stores of the web.

The year 2017 has started and in order to provide precious help to all singles to meet their various expectations, we tested the best mobile dating apps, whether on iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Thus, the selection that follows will allow you to find the person who will fulfill your different desires. Here is a small listing of points to evaluate and choose a mobile dating application: free, community, moderation, security, look, general ergonomics or originality in the various features offered. In short, it’s now up to you to choose among the best mobile dating apps 2017. Continue reading