Tinder vs. Badoo: What’s The BEST Dating App?

I am single. Since a little bit. Yet I am neither ugly to watch nor flat to listen to. And I swear, I tried everything: the friend of a friend of a friend, bars, speed dating, sports activities, neighborhood gatherings, paid and free dating sites … But it does not matter. did not work. So I pretended not to seek, trusting to the council a thousand times heard: “It is when we stop looking that we finally find. Result?

Completely desperate, I passed on the verge of giving up, when a friend told me about Tinder en ligne and Badoo dating apps. So I tested both. My verdict? I hated Tinder and loved Badoo.


Here’s why :

1. The presentation of profiles

I like the “newsfeed” mode of Badoo App. And hate Tinder’s “one at a time” mode. Why? Because Tinder gives me the impression of being in a buffet where each dish (guy) is introduced to me one after the other. A dish that, unfortunately, disappears forever from the menu if rejected at first sight. Frustrating! While Badoo, with his news feed, offers an overview of the buffet. Allowing me to choose all dishes deemed appetizing. Without wasting time with the less attractive. And without losing these forever, too.

2. Profile photos

Too big on Tinder. When Dave 40 years appears in close-up on my screen, I feel assaulted. While with Badoo, Dave 40, Benoit 38 and Nick 37 appear smaller. And it is only if one of them catches my eye that I click on his picture and allow him to take all the place on my screen. So goodbye to the feeling of invasion!
3. The handling of applications

Tinder, with his function “slide the profile on the left with his finger if not liked”, sometimes makes me reject a profile despite myself. By automatism. Because it’s ten that I eliminate. With Badoo, I never have this problem. Because to eliminate a profile, you have to weigh on a tiny X. This greatly reduces fingering errors.

4. The territory covered.

Tinder has singles ranging from 2 to 161 kilometers. This encourages distance and epistolary relationships leading nowhere. While Badoo, with his singles who are within 250 meters, the neighbor behind too good to be true becomes a real possibility. Admittedly, for security reasons, the exact location of a person is never revealed, but this function “proximity” recalls that a teleportation in another galaxy is not necessary to find the love of his life. Moreover, by geolocating people in real time, Badoo protects false profiles and updates the news feed as it moves.

5. The quality of the profiles.

In three weeks, I met zero quality singles via Tinder and three via Badoo. Three beautiful, charming, funny, intelligent singles. None of which has yet become my lover … I say “again” because I have hope.

That’s why Badoo has conquered my heart. And not Tinder. Yes, thanks to Badoo, this Google Map of love, I feel that I will soon say goodbye to my homelessness …
Finally finding my way to love